Welcome to PussFTPd

What do we want to make:
- PussFTPd will be an code fork of PureFTPd. Its aim will be to have far more usermanagment options, more costum scripting support and some other smaller things.
- For the usermanagent we will use SQL. Usermanagment will be done truth ftp 'site' commands (only for users with the right flags/axx ofcaurse).
- For better IP restricted axx we also aim to add Ident support and the IDNT ftp command to support contection for 'ftp bouncers' like hpbnc and others.
- We also dislike that PureFTPd uses the commandline to config the daemon. We want to make a config file for it that pussftpd itself reads. The whole ftpd should be configed with it with lots of options.

clik here for our first doc file!

Please join #pussftpd on efnet.org! (client:www.mirc.com)

- abys (coder, admin) (NL)
- piet (coder, admin) (NL)

- PussFTPd AUTH module (+++)
- Costum Site commands (+++)
- IDENT Support (++)
- USERFILES Support (+++)
- And much other things.. but first the 4 things listed here :)

- Developers!